The beauty of Rai Cave, Ninh Thuan Vietnam

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The beauty of Rai Cave, Ninh Thuan Vietnam

Post: 02-12-2016 09:36:19 AM - Views: 4773

Rai cave (Vietnamese: Hang Rai) is an unspoiled destination of Vietnam, captivated by magnificent unspoiled landscape that was once admire who can not forget.

Rai cave (Vietnamese: Hang Rái) is an unspoiled destination of Vietnam, captivated by magnificent unspoiled landscape that was once admire who can not forget.


The rock formations and fossilized coral reefs of Rai Cave are a must for visitors to the coastal city of Phan Rang in Ninh Thuan province.


Rai cave is located inside Vinh Hy Bay, only about 40 kilometers from Phan Rang and accessible by car or motorbike. Located on the main North-South railway line, Phan Rang shares with the more famous Nha Trang the Cam Ranh International Airport. If your journey starts in Nha Trang, a bus to Phan Rang will serve you well. Vinh Hy offers a complete spectrum of accomodation, ranging from the luxury Amanoi Resort to $15 rooms or even cheaper at local hostels. Rai Cave is the most tourist destination in Ninh Thuan province.


Imposing natural scenery, waterfalls at sea and the rocky beach without human intervention are the highlights of Rai Cave - a popular tourism destination in the south central province of Ninh Thuan.


Rai cave being “awakened” as more and more tourists stop here given in Ninh Thuan tourist itinerary. Especially in rough sea season from 11 months to 2 is the ideal time to visit Ninh Thuan and a good opportunity to exploit the exclusive and beautiful pictures of the waves, the lush layers of moss on ancient coral reefs.


Enjoy the pictures full of hauntingly eerie blend of moss and in Rai cave waves, you’ll have endless admiring nature’s masterpiece before. The moss grows on the coral filled out under the clear waters, looking from afar like giant green jade boulders extremely unique.


Most impressively, at dawn, the sun reddened the distant horizon began to arouse the vitality of Rai cave overflowing. Green moss layer sleeping overnight as rising under the first rays. Ocean currents change color a wonderfully under the sun. Craggy cliffs stand out from the blue sky. Sun gets higher the more that the sea surface like floating clouds.


Indeed, if you see the pictures of scenery Hang Rai, you kept wondering if this is paradise remote Madness. You have to set foot in the place, watching the scenery firsthand Rai cave feel all just spectacular beauty that the Creator has poetic graciously donated lands to compensate for sun and wind as natural conditions carving extreme here.


Rai cave deserve a spot in the schedule of the couples find wedding photography or the paparazzi. Because beauty is not encapsulated in destinations that stretches throughout the journey. The winding roads hugging silk as the sea is turquoise, one side is white sheep on pasture leisurely green will make guests stupor. Hang Rai nestled on the slopes of the Lord takes visitors into a completely different world to help innovate these inspiring lively arts.


You can climb the mountain of God to take in the views the entire waterway charming painting, admire the waves match each drive, each drive on the background white foam neck helped coral cave is for von Otter as “sea waterfall”. Flickers later coconut groves year round red cactus flowers look so dreamy colors. Mountainous terrain with rock breakwater many shapes stacked created numerous large and small beautiful cave as a shelter for otters. In the Otter Cave, where the corner is the machine for you beautiful photos to heart.


In addition to sightseeing, taking pictures, you still have many exciting experiences such as diving the coral reefs vast, diverse famous multicolored most beautiful areas of Ninh Thuan, wriggled into the burrows, moon snails in the rocks when the tide, at sea and fishermen. Many people used to sit on the rocks fishing and daydreaming wander under the sea breeze, walking on soft sand, a dip between the waves lapping against the rocks or enjoy seafood flavor of the sea.


Mountain is not high, not deep caves, stunning sea, Rai cave is full of attractive elements to become a destination to attract tourists in Vietnam. Certainly just in front of the pristine landscape in Vietnam just charming mysterious beings, you will feel like you walked into fairyland optimistic and have a unique stock photography journey marked with countless memorable experiences.








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