Welcome to Mekong Delta, Vietnam

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Welcome to Mekong Delta, Vietnam

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The Mekong Delta is the region in southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River approaches and empties into the sea through a network of distributaries.

On my next stop of this excursion along the s shaped country, i decided to bring you to the south. In the south of vietnam lies a vast delta that has been blessed with the precious silt from Mekong River for hundreds of years, which then makes the region the main hub of rice production for the country.


The Mekong Delta (Vietnamese: Đồng bằng Sông Cửu Long "Nine Dragon river delta"), also known as the Western Region (Vietnamese: Miền Tây or the South-western region (Vietnamese: Tây Nam Bộ) is the region in southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River approaches and empties into the sea through a network of distributaries. The Mekong delta region encompasses a large portion of southwestern Vietnam of 39,000 square kilometres. The size of the area covered by water depends on the season.

The Mekong Delta has been dubbed as a "biological treasure trove". Over 1,000 animal species were recorded between 1997 and 2007 and new species of plants, fish, lizards, and mammals has been discovered in previously unexplored areas, including the Laotian rock rat, thought to be extinct.

The internationally recognized name for the six provinces of the south you have probably glanced in books is vietnam mekong river delta, but vietnamese people are more familiar with another name, probably sound more spiritual: the nine dragons river delta.

The mekong delta region encompasses a large portion of southeastern vietnam of 39,000 square kilometres. The size of the area covered by water depends on the season. The heart of the mekong delta are can tho, vinh long and sa dec provinces, from where it is possible to reach the remotest confines of the delta, south towards the mangroves and the south east asia sea, north towards chau doc, or west towards the island of phu quoc..


No one remembers exactly when the part of mekong river flowing through vietnam was called nine dragons. Local people told me that the river was named differently in vietnam because when it flows by and pours out to the east sea, it splits in nine estuaries that can be seen as nine dragons lying when looking from above. The name has existed for so long that it dawns on everyone here the river actually pours out in nine estuaries. The truth is, geographists concluded that the river has only eight exit ways to the sea, but the name still stays in people’s minds. Why is that possible?

It is because our ancestors believed that any rivers and mountains are the presence of super natural powers, or in other words: gods. Thus, we chose a name that has “dragons”, a sacred symbol of water, and number “nine” which is considered a lucky number in asian culture, to name a river that brings good harvests and keeps us out of hunger for years and years.

Apart from what tourism websites have provided you with information about which places to visit, which tropical fruits to try and buy home, or when the festive season starts in the area; i would love to slip away from those tourist must – dos and bring you to another perspective, which is to look at the life and spirit of the people.


Life in here is simple. When the rooster crows telling everybody that it is time to go to the paddy fields, everyone wakes up with no delays. The morning work ends when the sun is up above your head. Then you will know that it is time for lunch break. Farmers can either go home with their families for meals or can find a shadow of any tree nearby to take a rest. This is when you would see the artistic side of these manual workers revealed. People sing folk songs to wipe away their tiredness and wish for a good harvest year. Oh, and believe me, when you hear these farmers sing those catchy songs, you would want to swing along right away! The afternoon could be spent on the river for some fish – catching, or continued with work in the rice fields, and the joyful work songs still go on until twilight emerges. Then we go home and call it a day.

Perhaps for being blessed with pleasant climate and peaceful atmosphere for such a long time, the local residents of the river delta have turned to be amazingly generous, positive, and open – hearted people. It is not a surprise to tourists to be welcome into the region like family members.


People in mekong river delta are so hospitable that you could easily ask for free homestay if you accidentally get lost or simply just want to experience the local people lifestyle. Some may speak english, some may not be able to do so, but it would not make any difference. As long as you present yourself as a friendly and willing – to – learn visitor, you will get memories that could stay with you for a lifetime with the people here. Maybe you can become an actual member of the family after your trip here to the nine dragons river delta.

What i have learnt after traveling to the delta is that nothing can replace love. Even fame and fortune can not separate you apart from the love of your family, your neighbors, your relatives, your friends, your spouse and your country. In here, people especially appreciate those values and love comes naturally, even from strangers. Unlike any other places in vietnam i have stopped by, perhaps the nine dragons river delta has put on the impression of most friendly place to visit so far to me.

Lastly, vietnamese people have the farming families of mekong river delta to thank for our worldwide reputation in exporting rice. These farmers have not only guaranteed for the country’s food security but have also become an important part of economic growth. I am so grateful that i could introduce such a culture and people to visa2vietnam's blog readers and it would be a huge reward to me if any of you decide to visit the mekong river delta after reading this article. Stay with me on the journey to explore more beauties of Vietnam! And you can book Mekong Delta - My Tho Tour 01 Day







Article Written by : Ms. VO Ngoc Dan Thanh



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