Ben Tre Province - Sweet Aftertaste Of Coconut Kingdom

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Ben Tre Province - Sweet Aftertaste Of Coconut Kingdom

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Ben Tre province looks like a green island resurfaces between all sides of Mekong River Delta and become attractive tourist destination for those who love eco-tourism activities.

Being far away 85km in the West from Ho Chi Minh, Ben Tre province (Vietnamese: Bến Tre) looks like a green island resurfaces between all sides of Mekong River Delta(Vietnamese: Đồng Bằng Sông Cửu Long) and become attractive tourist destination for those who love eco-tourism activities, enjoy fresh air as well as unique cultural space with strong characteristic of the South.

Ben_Tre_Province_Sweet_Aftertaste_Of_Coconut_Kingdom_01 Ben Tre province has the largest area planted to coconut in Vietnam, accounted for over 40% of coconut trees in the country

Endless Green Spaces

Passing Rach Mieu Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Rạch Miễu) , you can be surprised to see immense green coconut rows which give the signal that you are in Ben Tre. Con Phung (Cồn Phụng) tourist area appears right at the foot of Rach Mieu Bridge, with full unique cultural features of Mekong Delta region in general and Ben Tre province in particular. This place also holds particularly interesting architecture and some monuments about activities of once famous Coconut(Vietnamese: Trái dừa)  Religion.


Travelers really get close to nature and explore the idyllic lives of Con Phung people

Arriving to Con Phung, visitors can travel by motorboat along the islet to visit coconut candy production by the manual method facilities. Enjoying steaming hot, scented piece of candy will satisfy hearing, taste of the most fastidious guests. People in Con Phung are ready to show you their production of handicrafts workshop. There are a lot of souvenirs: from red and blue masks, frames, three-wheel vehicle, to kitchen utensils like cups, bowls, spoons, scoops…are mostly made from productions of coconut trees. In addition, there is also handcrafted coconut soap extracted from coconut oil, is extremely benign, can be used for facial skin and being loved by many tourists.


Visitor can have firsthand witness of coconut candy production process

Visitors can also travel by chariot to visit fruit gardens, call a halt under the house roofed by coconut leaves, drink honey tea, “refresh” with tropical fruits, listening to music of amateurs – indispensable spiritual food have a lifespan of more than 100 years, always present in the lives of the people in River regions, especially people in Ben Tre.


Enjoying Cải lương music of amateurs in in peaceful, fresh space by Đờn Ca Tài tử Group

Beside Con Phung, Con Quy and Con Oc are exciting ecotourisms

Visitor can also visit Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary (Vietnamese: Sân Chim Vàm Hồ) in Ba Tri District. It is home of nearly 500,000 storks, herons and other wild birds, palm forests and abundant vegetation. Strolling on forest road, canoeing in mangrove swamp, visiting resistance base, passing perilous bamboo bridges, lying down swaying hammock under forest foliage, breathing the fresh air of Ba Lai river – will surely be an unforgettable experience!


Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary with abundant vegetation

Cai Mon fruit gardens in Vinh Thanh commune, Cho Lach district is a destination favored by tourists. Coming here in any reasons, also has fruits to eat: durian, mangosteen, sweet mangos, longan, langsat…The feeling of climbing, picking fruits and enjoying right under the green foliage is really interesting!


Cai Mon fruit gardens

Land of patriotism and national pride spirit

Travelling to Ben Tre is also a great opportunity to deeply educate the patriotic and revolutionary tradition for young generation because Ben Tre still holds mark of venerable celebrities, heroes in history: Nguyễn Đình Chiểu tomb and memorial house, Phan Thanh Giản tomb, Trương Vĩnh Ký relics and memorial house, memorial site and temple of Nguyễn Thị Định woman general…


Nguyen Dinh Chieu tomb and memorial house


Temple of Nguyen Thi Dinh woman general

Neglected marine Resources

A new tourist address is popular and especially loved by travelers in recent years is Con Bung – Thanh Phu beach with pristine beauty, has not affected by human activities. Here, besides sightseeing, swimming, enjoying seafood such as clams, arcas, crabs, snails…traveler can also visit some places such as Ba Chua Xu Temple, Project preserves, embellishes, proves historical value of Ho Chi Minh trail at Sea Phase I, visit Ong Nam Hai tomb where are keeping two whale skeleton that weigh over 130 tons. Especially, travelers are free to use dinning-table, tent, hammock, bath in the sea and just only pay parking fee. Travelers, who want to eat seafood, can choose to buy on the spot and ask seller for processing with cost fluctuates from 5,000-10,000 VND/kg. Most seafood is productions on the spot so price is very cheap.


Con Bung beach with pristine beauty

One weekend, you let your soul adventure follow the wind, the tide and melodies of music of amateurs, enjoy carefree life, feel humanity imbued with the sweetness of coconut kingdom to love our country more.

Do you know?

Travelling to Ben Tre, you cannot miss the rustic dish: fried banana with coconut juice. It’s very simple, just put 1 banana between 2 cutting boards, wedge, fry until it is hot enough, immediate consumption with hot coconut juice, one time and remember forever.


Vietnamese crepe with small edible snail is delicacy of Phu Da islet (Cho Lach district) with core of cake is small edible snail. Pick up a piece of cake, scoop up cake’s core, a few stalks of vegetables, some pickles and roll in leaves of Vong Cach tree, dip in fish sauce with garlic and chilli, Sweet and crunchy snail make guests want to eat more other.


And Bến Tre province, Vietnam Travel Video:


“First Coconut candy”

In the Southern region, there are many places produce coconut candy, but the most delicious candy still Ben Tre Coconut candy, especially Mo Cay candy. So there is a handed down folk song: “Mo Cay candy is scented and fatty. Mo Cay girls is both skillful and docile”…Because may be the nature favor Ben Tre with immense coconut forest, in which, Mo Cay coconut is fruitful, thick copra, the highest quality of fat oil in the region.

 And Bến Tre province, Vietnam Travel Video

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