6 Reasons Why Vietnam is Great for Expats

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6 Reasons Why Vietnam is Great for Expats

Post: 01-12-2018 10:28:29 AM - Views: 585

Vietnam is quickly becoming an extremely popular destination for expats to move to, and here's six reasons as to why...

Vietnam is quickly becoming an extremely popular destination for expats to move to, and here's six reasons as to why...


When it comes to moving abroad, expats seek the perfect work-life balance when considering where to live. They seek job security, a good salary and the unique opportunities to experience a culture so different from their own.

According to a recent survey, Vietnam's popularity as a favourite expatriate destination has soared in comparison to previous rankings, and there's no surprise.

In 2015, the country was ranked 35th in the InterNation's Working Abroad index. Now in 2016, this gem in Southeast Asia has risen to 12th place... Which is an impressive jump!

So why has Vietnam rapidly increased in popularity for expats to move to, live in and work?

1. There's cheap(er) living costs than what you may be used to


If you're moving here from a Western country or even from places like Japan and South Korea, you will be pleased to discover that the cost of living in Vietnam is extremely cheap in comparison. For instance when you look at the prices in U.S. Dollars, beers can be as cheap as 50 cents, a meal under $1, a taxi around $3 and the monthly rent for a reasonable apartment could cost you as little as $100! A far cry from the rental prices of places like Dubai and Singapore.


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2. The country is rich in interesting culture and history


After all, a desirable part of embarking on an expatriate adventure is the opportunity to witness and experience a culture entirely different to you own. And this is true of Vietnam... The country is filled with its rich culture, delicious food, awe-inspiring art and fascinating people, which all makes living here very interesting on a daily basis. Not only that, but the country's landscape is rich and the weather is great all year round.

3. There's plenty of opportunity to work


When it comes to working here, yes, you must fully understand the country's processes and cultural values. For instance, companies here function in a defined hierarchical manner, with the most respect given to the eldest. And more often than not, decisions are made at the top.

The country's eceonomy is in the process of liberalisation, and is steadily sustaining impressive growth and so there's lots of job opportunities that may prove attractive for expats moving here.

Especially if you are English-speaking, there are plenty of English language teaching positions available for you to pursue to help make some extra cash. Not only that, but there's lots of job opportunities available that vary from role to role... Like being an extra in a movie or advert production!

4. Expat communities are frequent


There's a whole community of expats living in this country, and in each main city. Especially places like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, it's very easy to find other expats to network with, connect with and become new friends. Remember to use websites like ours, with our friendly forum, to get started connecting with fellow expats in your area! Our best advice would be to practice sport and join an existing team, or search for an expat club or society that takes your interest.

5. It's relatively easy to set up your life here


Everybody is very accommodating, and people in Vietnam are happy to provide you with services and resources (for a fee, of course). There's plenty of choice for apartments and transport, like motorbikes, that you can rent or buy relatively quickly.

Setting up services like your banking and healthcare should be a smooth process, and there's various international schools available to choose from and private healthcare is of good quality.

6. There's lots of opportunity to travel further


The country of Vietnam is located perfectly if you want to travel for a holiday... As a gateway to both Southeast Asia and larger countries, like China, Japan and South Korea, there's plenty of places you can explore to feed your wanderlust.

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